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Extraordinary True Love Stories in Singapore and Asia

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  • In this video, we hear from five Senior Pastors on what it means for the church.

  • The silence from Gillian's church about her SSA hurt her. Find out how she came back home.

  • A same-sex attracted Christian and a Pastor debunk some myths.

  • How to talk about sexuality & LGBTQ+ matters at home.

  • A same-sex attracted Christian and a pastor answer each other's questions.

  • A same-sex attracted christian and a pastor answer each other's questions.

  • A lesbian of 23 years gives it all up because of love.

  • Christians with unwanted same-sex attraction speak out

  • Tou Chen was addicted to sex. Watch how God turned this lost ship around.

  • Finding strength to love through forgiveness and acceptance.

  • One man's courage to face his past and change his life.

  • A sexually abused man and a woman who identified as bisexual find true love in marriage.

  • From asking was “I born gay?” to being born again.

  • Two pastors answer difficult questions on same-sex attraction.

  • From a pastor to a sex addict. From brokenness to beauty.

  • Experiencing healing and freedom from the fear of man.

  • How the goodness of God leads one to repentance

  • What the freedom to love truly is

  • How God provided a second chance at life

  • From feeling ashamed to knowing acceptance

  • A mentor journeys with a Christian with same-sex attraction

  • A story of how true love never fails

  • 4 Christians share if it's safe to come out

  • Experiencing and releasing true forgiveness

  • A family’s journey to complete restoration

  • The real struggle of same-sex attraction

  • You don’t have to struggle alone

  • An unconditional love story

  • Declaring the freedom of love

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