Diana’s Story: Lover of My Soul

The turning point in my life was because of my mum — a relationship I never imagined to be restored so sweetly.

In my 20s, she was coerced by my relatives into having my then girlfriend arrested for theft after we ran away from home. But when I was in my 30s, she chose to stand up for me and would faithfully nurse me from my heartache after each breakup even though she still did not agree with my lifestyle.

She reached out to me with a kind of love that could only come from God. This sparked my earnest search for truth found in Christ and He became the Lover of my soul.

For parents of children who experience same sex attraction or gender dysphoria, do what Jesus would do; Love them. Do not write them off, because our God doesn’t. Do not condemn them, because the world already does a great job in that. Pray for them, be their safe space and gently point them to Jesus. As with my case, it was God’s unceasing love through my parents that brought me Home.

Love, Diana.