Philip: A Son’s Identity | 儿子身份

Trigger warning: This video contains mature themes. Viewer discretion is advised.

I was always the outsider. At home, I was the only boy and could not relate to the conversations my grandma, mum and sister had. In school, I could not keep up with sports, I could not communicate well, or like girls like the rest of the guys. I wished people would notice me, but eventually, I learned to be content in sitting on the outside looking in.

In my late teens, I found attention from body building. That followed a life of pleasure and slight celebrity. But even those highs started to fade. Some things just did not add up for me. I began to question God’s design and intentions toward creation.

As I researched, God became increasingly real to me the more I read up on history and mankind. That was the start of a very deep and intimate relationship with God. I was no longer an outsider observing others, but now know what it’s like to know and to be known intimately by God and a healthy community.

I hope my story will give you the hope that Jesus is close. And if you are in the same journey like me, don’t be afraid to question God and seek answers. Read His word, study history, or go explore any other ways that God may reveal Himself to you. You’ll be amazed by what God will show you!

Love, Philip.