Ask Me Anything: Ep 1

A common criticism of churches is that pastors do not converse with those who experience same-sex attraction. And when they do, it hardly leads to anything constructive.

In this series of “Ask Me Anything” episodes, we invited representatives from both groups to come together so that we can better understand and empathize with one another. Join us as we explore how we can make the Church a safer place for people with unwanted same-sex attraction.

0:00 – Introduction
1:30 – Were there things that were said in church that didn’t help you?
2:13 – How did their acceptance look like?
2:36 – What were your emotions before and after coming out to your church mates?
3:08 – How should a pastor respond when someone comes out to them?
3:51 – How would you respond to someone who comes out in your church?
7:50 – How should a young person bring up LGBTQ issues to a senior pastor?
10:20 – What would your end goal look like in terms of relationships and sex?
11:04 – Is celibacy the way for those who are not attracted to the opposite gender?
16:19 – What would you say to someone who has been hurt by the Church?