Ask Me Anything: Ep 3

Why is it so difficult to talk about sexuality with our children? How can we make our homes and churches safer spaces to have conversations about LGBTQ+ matters? Why is it important to talk about sexual orientation and gender identity in this cultural moment?

This “Ask Me Anything” episode presents interesting perspectives on the need to discuss sexuality in our homes. Find out more about how and why we can talk about this culturally pressing topic with our children. Parents will find this episode especially helpful.

0:50 – How and when would you talk to your child about sexuality?
2:12 – How did you talk to your children about sexuality?
7:00 – How can churches and parents be a safe space for children to understand their sexuality?
9:00 – How do you define a safe place?
9:43 – Should children have the freedom to explore their gender and sexual orientation?
13:27 – Was same-sex attraction a developmental phase for you?