1111: A New Beginning For Taiwan, A Global Homecoming

Rainbow Crosser

When God made the first covenant ever recorded in the bible (Genesis 9:12-15), it was marked by a rainbow. The colours that were splashed across the sky wasn’t just for us to remember the promise when we saw it; it served as a reminder for God Himself. The rainbow indicated a new beginning for the living creatures on Earth, Noah and everyone that came after.

Over the course of 11/11 this year, the rainbow marked the turning of the tides in Taiwan. In the area where the first gay parade was held 15 years ago, it was a new day by the monumental Taipei 101, where people from 16 different countries gathered to celebrate the stories of overcomers from all over the world.

The inaugural Overcomer Festival was the first public homecoming for 40 overcomers from all around the world who have redirected their desires to a greater love instead. They flooded the land with testimonies of overcoming same-sex attraction, depression and rejection. Some who used to be pioneers of LGBT activism have turned 180 degrees in their quest for True Love.

More than the turnout and the programs, personal stories took centerstage. What was thought to be personal journeys turned out to have a global impact to places unimaginable.

This was a moment of destiny for many who once doubted the purpose and meaning of their lives and stories. The overcomers caught a glimpse of the weight of their stories; a demonstration of the higher and perfect ways of the Father – it was a full circle moment for many. Beyond language and culture, this exchange saw a family that transcended geographical boundaries.

“The overcomers are the appointed messengers of God’s grace and love in this kairos moment and the Church gets to come alongside in a supportive role in a time such as this.”

11/11 was also a recognising of the significance of the Church in the personal stories of these overcomers and a reminder of our purpose in this: we have the privilege of modelling love and creating safe spaces for people to come home to. We are to empower overcomers so that they can through their stories, “go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation”.

Just like the Father celebrates with His finest for His prodigals, no longer will homecoming parties be private occasions – they will be celebrated in public spaces, all are invited. Today, an inter-continental movement has been birthed, one of faith, hope and love. A worldwide homecoming.

We welcome you home in the name of Jesus.